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Will Document preparation

– An introduction


last Will Document and testament

is a declaration by which a person, also known as the Testator (a person who prepares a Will is known as Testator), declares his / her wish about distribution of his property after his / her death. This is a kind of smooth succession planning for the wealth of any individual, to ensure that after his / her demise, the legal heirs get their share without any hassle as well avoidance of heart burns amongst them. There is a general misconception that

Will preparation

is a complicated matter and an expensive exercise where services of experts is required, compelling many individuals to ignore or avoid this option. On the contrary,

Will writing

is not only important from succession perspective with a view to avoid family disputes, but, at the same time is neither complicated nor expensive. It’s the collective effort of NSDL e-Gov and Warmond to educate and enlighten the Citizens on the importance of Will to avoid intestate succession ( where a person dies without a Will) so that there is a smooth inheritance.

Slowly and steadily, taking the opportunity of existing growth opportunities available in our country, many people are able to accumulate enough wealth and enter in the affluent segment. The need of the hour is that such segment considers the succession planning of their hard-earned wealth seriously. Contrary to that, they simply seem to be ignoring this aspect even though they might be possessing assets worthy enough to write a

Will document

. One of the reasons could be high charges for services of

writing a Will

, which some people find out of proportion when compared to the assets that they own. Secondly, unlike the high net-worth individuals as explained above, many would not have an easy access to experts.

Considering all the above, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) has, along with Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd. (Warmond), is offering services of all aspects of Succession Planning including Will preparation, which is the most important requirement to start with.

NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (CIN U72900MH1995PLC095642) – An introduction


NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited has achieved and delivered path breaking success in the area of e-Governance solutions through automation of large government processes. The technologies used were niche and customized so that the fundamental aim of governments i.e., of delivering benefits to the society at large is fulfilled efficiently. For delivering quality services in a user friendly and transparent manner, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL e-Gov) has established Service Centre networks across the country which serve as access points for the general public. NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited works closely with various Government agencies for designing, managing and implementing e-Governance projects. A brief summary of the services include:

  • Business Process (Re) Engineering
  • Solution Architecture
  • Project and Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • User Enablement
  • Process training
  • Developing Solutions Ground-up

The provided solutions are attributed to be cost effective, highly secure, scalable, requiring very minimal Time-to-market and efficient in terms of quality and performance.

Some of the NSDL e-Gov Projects:

  • Tax Information Network (TIN)
  • Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA)
  • Electronic Accounting System in Excise & Service Tax (EASIEST)
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Registrar, KSA, KUA, ASA, AUA for UIDAI
  • National Judicial Reference System (NJRS)
  • Vidya Lakshmi

Visit us at: www.egov-nsdl.co.in

Warmond Trustees and Executors Pvt. Ltd. (CIN U74900DL2006PTC146180) – An introduction


Established in 2006, Warmond Trustees and Executors Private Limited is the one of the leading Trusteeship Company in India that offers comprehensive solutions in the area of

  • Estate Planning and succession
  • Trust services
  • Executorship Services Planning

Warmond was founded by Shri. Rajesh Narain Gupta, who is the Managing Partner of SNG & Partners.

It provides tailor made solutions on Succession Planning.

Warmond also advises you to protect, manage and transfer the wealth in the most tax efficient manner as per the client's wishes. Warmond's professional team provides customized solutions to ensure wealth protection and succession during your life time and beyond.

To help clients serve better, we are present across all major cities in India.

Warmond means True Guardian.

Visit us at: www.warmond.co.in

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