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Create your Personalised Will under the guidance of our legal experts.

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It is equally important to appoint the right Executor to ensure that your wishes in the Will are carried out in the right manner.

Trust Services

A trust structure is a great way to ensure the safety and security of the assets set aside by you for your family members during and after your lifetime.

Through Associates

Prepare your Will through re-direction from Associates website.

Why EzeeWill?

  • Easy Process for creating a Will through your mode of choice
  • Assured confidentiality, reliability of your Personal Data
  • Will drafted by experienced Legal Experts
  • Help you provide all your Assets detail in a Systematic manner
  • Simple & Convenient way to secure wealth distribution

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Did you know?


This online Will making service is really a blessings for many who have no idea on how to make will and who have no time to consult lawyer. I strongly recommend every one to use this services offered by Upendra Oza Private company empl ...

- By Upendra Oza

When I was making up mind to make a will, I was wondering how to go about it. Further I wanted the secrecy to be maintained. I did not want the amount of my Term deposits etcetra to be revealed and at the same time it had to be reflected. So I was ve ...

- By Sundaram Raghavan

I am happy with the process till now. It has been smooth and easy. Before I used this website - the thought of getting a will done was a bit stressful due to the conceptions we have about documentation. But Ezeewill has made the process look very use ...

- By Rajbir Singh

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