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A very user friendly software, covers every aspect in very unambiguous way for easy understanding of a lay man. By simply adding data to the field provided you get a document in language understood by law

By Deepak Naphade

Happy to see that now we can create and modify will at OUR" WILL" and also help those who are successors to properties / assets later on.

By Usha Mimani

As i certified my Final Draft copy of Will, I felt a deep sense of relief at a job well done. Its a milestone accomplished for me which was possible only because Ezeewill made it so so simple for me. Ijust had to wish that i should make a Will..rest all was laid out in front of me by the simple, detailed and easy UI of ezeewill process. I could capture everything i want with extreme ease. wherever i needed help, the callcentre officer helped with utmost concern ad professionalism. The password recovery process, the website , the payment processetc is extremely easy to navigate for any layman. on top of that we have the assurance of NSDL, which we can trust with esyes closed! Thanks You Ezeewill!! Keep up the goodwork!

By Prabhakar Ronad

A good Platform , in the current times. No worries to be taken care of in old age.

By Dennis Peter

Great service & experience!

By Shyam Parekh

The services is simple to use as the name says it , response time very satisfactory, will definitely recommend.

By Arun Saraswat

Prompt and efficient service, easy user interface.

By Surendran Moorkoth

Great timely service. Secure and trust worthy. Well done and keep up the great work.

By Neeraj Mehra

Good service.


The system provides an easy and clear procedure for writing wills for non-legal persons like me. Extremely satisfied.

By Lakshmi Raghavan

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