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Great service.. Thank you very much for helping out!


Pretty good site. Was very useful

By Krishnan Narayanan

Good platform , layout is interactive makes good option and fairly reasonable price for people who do not wish to approach a Lawyer who would make it more cumbersome , moreover it is good to maintain confidential.

By Sarju Bajaj

Excellent and well designed website with detailed asset detail listing module system !

By Samir Bhatia

Ezeewill service by NSDL helped me to complete a long pending task. Making a will through NSDL's Ezeewill service provided me with a systematic step-by-step template for capturing all details of my immovable and movable assets. The website is very intuitive and ensures that all required information is captured. The review facility is also very useful . This service is definitely value for money.

By Madhav Kamat

This website is one of the easiest to work with. the submission form captures all the required details. The fees are reasonable and the they are responsive to your questions.

By Maya Sule

I sincerely feel that every one having rights,title and interest in immovable property and other assets should make will .It is made very easy and economical byEzeeWill

By Digambar Bhalerao

Good process and had a good interaction with the representative on the phone

By Swarn Malhotra

Thanks to EzeeWill. I have made a will which is to my entire satisfaction at a very nominal cost. The process was easy and my requests for amendments were carried out promptly. I think NSDL & Warmond are doing a great service by enabling all to make a will with minimum effort. Thanks

By Rajaram Somasundara Bharathi

I have used EzeeWill for preparation of my will. It took me some time and effort to collect details of all my investments and house property. Once this was done, it was a easy to enter my personal data and details of nominees and their respective shares. The first draft took about a week to be received, and it was very easy to give my comments for changes. The next iteration had incorporated all my changes and the final will was ready for my approval. I have approved the same in the tool and am now waiting for the final PDF version of the will to be sent to me Overall a pleasant experience and worth the amount paid for the same

By Kusum Bhat

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